Interact Quiz Builder Review: Generate Leads with Online Quizzes

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If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably already know the importance of growing your email list. This should be your number one priority if you plan to turn your blog into an online business.

Since the start of my website, I’ve been constantly hearing that ‘the money is in the list.’ For this reason, I’ve been focused on growing my email list via opt-in freebies since the very beginning.

Until recently, I thought creating an opt-in freebie was the only way to generate leads and grow the number of email subscribers I had on my list.

This all changed once I came across Interact. This simple tool allows you to grow your email list with the creation of quizzes, polls, and giveaways.

If you’re wondering why you should use online quizzes instead of PDFs to build your email list, it’s because quizzes are both engaging and fun. People are interested in seeing their quiz results and they are more likely to give you their email addresses in exchange for those results.

Interact offers plenty of reasons to use quizzes to grow your email list. Here’s what they found:

  • Quizzes average a 50% conversion rate. This means that half the people who start your quiz will end up opting in to your email list.
  • 9 out of 10 people who start your quiz will actually complete your quiz.
  • People spend 2 minutes, on average, taking quizzes. You want people to stay on your website for a longer period of time and quizzes are a great way to make that happen.
  • 10% of people who take quizzes share their results on social media. This means that by leveraging quizzes, you’ll also grow your following on social media.

In this blog post, I will be providing my honest review of the Interact Quiz Builder: a lead generation quiz building tool you can use to grow the number of email subscribers you currently have.

Interact Quiz Builder Features

The Interact Quiz Builder currently comes with over 100 high converting quiz templates that you can use on your website. If you don’t like the pre-made templates provided with Interact, you can always create your very own quiz from scratch. Interact comes with a ton of features that make it the go-to quiz builder for many online entrepreneurs.

Whether you create your own quiz or use a pre-made quiz template, Interact comes with all the tools you need to create high converting quizzes that generate leads, drive sales, and grow your social media following. The following features are included with the Interact Quiz Builder:

Customizable Design and Personalized Branding

The colors, images, fonts, and buttons are all very important to the design and branding of your website. For this reason, being able to customize your design is an important feature to have.

There are plenty of customization options to choose from within the Interact Quiz Builder. You can customize the background color, font color, button color, and the font type.

Interact has also partnered with Pixabey, which provides free-to-use stock images for your website. This makes it really easy to add images to your quizzes. All you have to do is start typing the image you are looking for in the ‘Search for Images’ search bar. Then, Interact will pull Pixabey images for you to select from.

Interact also allows you to add your business’ logo to your quiz. This is another great way to build your very own personalized branding.

Pretty cool, right?

Branching Logic

This is another great feature to have in a quiz builder. Branching logic will show quiz takers different questions based on their answers to previous questions. This adds a more personal touch to quizzes.

Multiple Quiz Types

Interact allows you to create three types of quizzes: personality, assessments, and scored quizzes. This is a really useful feature to have because not all businesses will convert the same with one type of quiz. I recommend working with all three types of quizzes just to see which type of quiz works for your business.

Opt-In Form Builder

The whole purpose of creating a quiz is to increase the number of email subscribers you have on your email list. All of your list building efforts would go to waste if your quiz builder didn’t allow you to collect email addresses at the end.

This is where an opt-in form builder comes into play. This form will allow you to collect email addresses and generate leads. An opt-in form can be included at the end of the quiz after your website visitors take your quiz.

If you’d like, you can also make it optional for the quiz taker to enter their email address to see the results. If you choose to go this route, you can include something that reads “No thanks, just show me my results.”

The Interact Quiz Builder integrates with some of the most popular email marketing platforms, including ConvertKit, Aweber, Infusionsoft, and many others. Interact makes it really easy to connect your quiz with the email marketing platform of your choice.

You can even segment your website subscribers based on the outcome they receive from the quiz. This way you can follow up on your new lead and maximize sales based on your reader’s needs.

Mobile Responsive

Some of the previous quiz builders I’ve tried looked pretty awful on mobile devices. Quizzes that are not mobile optimized can make you lose out on a potential lead.

According to Interact, 75% of all the traffic received to their quizzes comes from mobile devices. For this reason, it is essential that your quiz is optimized for every screen size.

You can rest easy knowing that the quiz you create with the Interact Quiz Builder will look good on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

In-Depth Analytics

This is probably by far the most important feature Interact has to offer. It’s important to know how well your quizzes are converting. If people are taking your quizzes but not finishing them, the in-depth analytics feature can help you improve your quizzes.

The statistics that Interact tracks include the following:

  • Views – The number of people that saw your quiz.
  • Quiz starts – The number of people who started taking your quiz.
  • Quiz Completions – The number of people who completed the quiz.
  • Leads – The number of people who opted-in to your email list.
  • Conversion rate – The percentage of people who opted in to your email list after taking your quiz.

Interact also shows you a quiz breakdown by question. This is a great way to know exactly which question the majority of quiz takers are dropping off at. After you know this information, you can go back and edit your quiz. You can either improve your quiz or remove the bad questions that are causing people to leave before finishing.

Without the in-depth analytics Interact offers, you would never know any of this useful information.

The Price of the Interact Quiz Builder

The Interact Quiz Builder is an investment, but it’s an investment worth making. If you’re not sure about Interact just yet, Interact has a free version of their quiz building software. This is forever free, but it comes with many limitations.

The free version of Interact allows you to create quizzes and see how many people complete them. It’s important to note that the free version of the Interact Quiz Builder does not allow you to collect email addresses.

The Interact Quiz Builder also comes with three different plans: Lite, Growth, and Pro. If you want to try these plans before purchasing, all three of them come with a 14 day free trial.

Interact also comes with the option to pay by the month or to pay annually. Paying annually is the cheaper route and will save you 40%.

Here are the three plans broken down to help you determine which one is right for you:

Lite Plan

This is the cheapest Plan Interact offers. This plan costs about $17/month if paid annually and $29/month if paid monthly. If you are on a really tight budget, this is the plan for you. This plan allows you to collect up to 5,000 email addresses per month. The only downside to using the Lite Plan is that it does not come with the useful in-depth analytics feature or the ability to brand your quizzes. If these features are not important to you, the Lite Plan is a great plan to start with.

Growth Plan

This is the most popular plan Interact offers and it’s also the best value plan. This plan costs about $53/month if paid annually and $89/month if paid monthly. If you’re just a regular blogger, this plan will do just fine for you. This plan allows you to collect up to 10,000 email addresses per month. The Growth Plan comes with all of the features I stated above. If you can afford it, this is the plan I recommend you start with.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the most expensive plan Interact offers. This plan costs about $125/month if paid annually and $209/month if paid monthly. This plan is mostly for agencies and marketing teams and it allows you to collect an unlimited number of email addresses. If you’re a blogger who receives less than 10,000 email signups per month, you probably won’t be needing an expensive plan like this.

The Pro Plan is the perfect plan if you receive more than 10,000 email signups or if you want to use the Interact Quiz Builder on your clients’ websites. Using the Pro Plan makes it easy to manage all of your clients from one account, while helping them build their email list.

Test Out the Interact Quiz Below

Interact walks you through on how to create your very first quiz. If you, however, find that you don’t really have the time to create your own quiz, you can always use one of the templates offered by Interact. The quiz below gives you a glimpse of what Interact can do. Take the quiz below and find out what kind of blogger you are.

Give the Interact Quiz Builder a Try

I really hope you enjoyed reading my Interact Quiz Builder review. I currently use Interact’s Pro Plan and it really is the best lead generation tool I’ve come across.

It’s really easy to get started and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to do so. If you’re still not sure if Interact is a good investment to make, just remember you can try out any Interact plan for 14 days free of charge.

Now it’s your turn to share. Have you given quiz builders a try? What have your experiences been like. Let me know in the comments below.

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