8 Reasons your Blog is Failing and what you can do to turn it into a Success

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There are millions of blogs on the internet, but the sad truth is that less than 10% of those blogs actually succeed. Hundreds of blogs are created each and every day by aspiring bloggers hoping to become popular through their blogs. These aspiring bloggers have big plans and high hopes for success, but they are not committed to their blogs. They set themselves up to be failures from the day they started their blogs because of this lack of commitment.

To understand why your blog isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you must first understand why the majority of blogs fail. After you have this figured out, you must develop a strategy to turn your blog into a successful business.

8 Reasons your blog is failing

Below are 8 reasons why the majority of blogs fail and some of these reasons might be the reason your blog isn’t performing as well as you’d like.

Reason #1: You don’t invest in yourself financially

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. For the longest time, I avoided paying for services that could have helped me make more money through my blog. I was cheap. I didn’t realize how much money I was leaving on the table by not paying for services that are built to work. After all, how could I spend money when my blog wasn’t making any money at all? Spending just didn’t make much sense to me.

If you want to make a career out of blogging, it requires an investment just like any other business. When most bloggers start their blog, they invest in the very basics, such as getting a website host and a premium WordPress theme.

There is one particular investment that every serious blogger should make and that is investing in an email marketing service. The email marketing service I recommend is Convertkit. Convertkit costs $29/month, but the price is so worth it. This email marketing service is geared towards professional bloggers and will help you grow your email list.

2015_04_27_19_47_15 8 Reasons your Blog is Failing and what you can do to turn it into a Success General

When it comes to blogging, email marketing should be your #1 priority. The money is truly in the list. You should start building your email list from the very first day you start blogging. Read my ConvertKit review and determine for yourself if ConvertKit is the right email marketing service for your blogging needs.

Reason #2: You don’t have any passion for blogging

Blogging isn’t for everybody. If you don’t have a passion for blogging or even a passion for writing about your chosen topic, then it’s going to show in the quality of your work.

You can’t just blog about a certain niche because you read about a blogger who makes six figures blogging about that same niche. You need to pick the right topic for you. Write about something that you have knowledge in and that you find interesting. You got to love what you do.

Reason #3: Money is what motivates you

When you start a blog, money shouldn’t be the primary factor. I’m not going to deny that money isn’t important for any business because we depend on it to feed us and entertain us, but if money is your primary factor for blogging, then your blog is more likely to fail.

Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Many bloggers who start blogging for the sole purpose of earning money quit after not earning much within a short duration of time. You’ll only reap the rewards if you focus on building your blog and gaining trust from your readers.

There’s really no such thing as making money doing nothing. You’re not going to get instant gratification from blogging. You get out what you put in. If you put in hard work right now, the money will soon follow.

Reason #4: You don’t see blogging as a business

If you don’t see blogging as a business, you’re not going to put in as much effort. You’re not going to get the urge to wake up and sit in front of your computer to work on your blog. During the first few years, you are going to have to put in a ton of effort.

When I started this blog, I put in 60+ hours a week because I was dedicated to making this blog a success (and I didn’t have a job at the time). Just to be clear, these many hours aren’t required and I understand if you don’t have that much time to spare every week, but try to put in at least 15+ hours a week.

Reason #5: You give up too quickly

Building a successful blog may seem like an insanely slow road. It’s disappointing when you’ve been writing posts for 1 year and someone has yet to read it. It can take a long time to grow an audience. Writing blog posts when nobody seems to be caring about your written work can be quite discouraging. So, it’s no surprise that many bloggers just give up too quickly on their blogs.

Reason #6: You’re not consistently posting

Most bloggers get lazy after a few months of blogging and they stop producing new content. You can’t just blog whenever you feel like it. That just doesn’t work with your readers. Your readers will stop coming to your website if you have nothing new to say.

It’s not just about consistently posting new articles. It’s also about the quality of your articles. Many bloggers start out strong and then the quality of their work diminishes later on. Quality is very important for you to succeed in blogging.

I recommend posting at least 1 high-quality article per week during your initial days of blogging.

Reason #7: You’re not search engine optimizing your blog

Have you ever wondered how you can get your website to appear on the first page of Google? That’s what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. If you want people to find your blog, learn about SEO. Almost everyone uses search engines so it’s no secret that search engine traffic is the best traffic you can generate because people are desperate for information and they are willing to stay on your website if you give them the information that they desire.

Reason #8: You’re not promoting your blog

How do you expect to build up an audience if no one even knows that your blog exists? You need to promote your blog if you want to drive traffic to your website. To market your blog, you should stop thinking like a blogger and start thinking like a marketer. Your blog is the service you are trying to promote.

Promote blog posts on social media, get involved with forums, connect with other bloggers, and start building an email list from the very first day. Sharing your blog posts to a small group of friends on your social media accounts is not promotion.

The success of your blog isn’t just about writing posts. The success of your blog is largely dependent on how well you do promoting your blog. If you want your blog to succeed, you need to learn about what good promotion is and how good promotion works.

Here’s what you can do differently…

Now that you know 8 reasons why most blogs fail, it is time to take blogging to a whole new level. If you are guilty of any one of the 8 reasons listed above, it is time to refine your blogging strategy. Don’t give up on blogging and give it another go. You can succeed with a different strategy.

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